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when 1d finally realizes that those tattoos are gonna be on them forever


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yo guys

i havent been on here in forever and i miss you all, ive been super busy yenno?

anyways, i have a favor to ask. Do any of you want to donate to world vision? Its for a really good foundation called the DRC child miner program. Some of the numbers absolutely astounded me and these kids stories really touched me. Some of the things they’re being forced to do are ridiculous. They have to dig with their bare hands while being exposed to radioactive chemicals.. most of which kill you after being exposed to them… And over 40% of these workers are children. (read more here

Anyways, my schools been really motivated to make a change in these third world countries, and were doing a 30 hour famine on friday the 12th to get a taste of the conditions. If you want to help me and my school and make a donation click here. I swear to god its 100% legitimate and for a great cause. 

I would really appreciate if any of you could donate, anything helps. Thank you all so much :)

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Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson @ Top Shop Unique Fashion Week

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You’re the reason I cry at night

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Louis at the Topshop fashion show

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